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 Insulated braided flexibles

 standard lengths, ready to install

 press welded terminals, no cable shoes

◦no extra contact resistances

◦no aging

◦no corrosion

 for power connections

 for connection of

◦circuit breakers

◦fused isolators

◦contactors, etc.

◦bus bar systems inside switchgear

 5 cross sections: 25, 50, 100, 120, 240 mm²

 Lengths: (150 + nx50)mm (n = 0, 1, …12)

Ultraflexx® - Data


◦Flat braid E-Cu 57

◦wire diameter 0.15 mm


◦Shrinking Sleeve, material polyolefin

◦Color: black, others on request

◦operating temperature: -55°C up to +125°C

◦operating voltage: 1000 VAC / 1500VDC (UL 600VAC / 750VDC)

◦Halogen free insulation

 Ultraflexx® fits the connection of most standard devices, e.g.:



◦OEM  Size 160A up to 1600A

◦Moeller contactor above 160A

◦Moeller compact circuit breaker 250A+

◦ABB compact circuit breaker 160A+

◦ABB contactor 145A+

◦Wöhner, Schneider-Electric,

◦… and many others

Ultraflexx braid
Flat wire
Twisted wire
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