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Combination of features of cables

◦flexibility (in one direction)


 and rigid Cu bar

◦higher current carrying capability

◦mechanical withstand (in the other direction)

◦better electrical contacts

◦more compact than cables

Isoflexx® consists of

 Copper lamellas of 0.5 / 0.8 and 1mm

◦high grade copper E-Cu 57, F20

◦up on request as a tinned version


◦giving the right compromise between flexibility and stiffness (not too loose, not too tight)

◦high quality, high temperature PVC (Isoflexx® Classic), available in different colors

◦halogen free, high temperature Silicone (Isoflexx® Premium)

◦halogen free, high temperature Santoprene (Isoflexx® Supreme), more expensive, up on request

Isoflexx® is used

 for flexible connection between bars and electrical devices (switches & switchgear, transformers, generators, etc.)

 to substitute bars and cables within switchgear for different advantages

 to create easy-to-install prefabricated connection kits (e.g. Delta-Star-Starters)

 to connect moving machine parts

 to absorb mechanical shocks (e.g. circuit breaker connections)

Isoflexx® - Types

 3 product types

◦Isoflexx® Classic

◦Isoflexx® Premium

◦Isoflexx® Supreme

 2 production methods for Isoflexx®



Isoflexx® - Data

 Standard length: 2m

◦3m on some sizes

◦on special request (quantity & delivery time): length between 300mm up to 3.000 mm (if made on extrusion line max. could be 4000mm)


 Technical Standards


◦VDE 0281

◦Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 

◦Canadian Standards Association (CSA)


 Conductor Material

red copper

high conductivity copper (E-Cu 57)

mechanical strength of 200 MPa (F20)

coating (tin, silver, nickel, etc.) up on special request

 Insulation Material

◦self-extinguishing acc. to UL94 V0

◦Nominal Voltage of 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC (UL 600VAC/750VDC)

◦Dielectric test (every pc.) during production


◦high quality PVC

◦lead-free acc. to ROHS (REACH) regulation

◦temperature range: -30°C – 105°C

◦high elasticity of 370%

◦homogenous, extruded insulation (not welded)

◦standard color black. Blue, brown and green/yellow on small sizes

◦all colors available on special request (quantity and delivery time)

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