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About Us

HEDLA offers a wide range of flexible and rigid connection options for switchgear construction.


The longstanding success and broad spectrum of the Isoflexx® product group ensure a perfect solution for any application, while the outstanding technical properties of the Ultraflexx® connectors continue to drive their ever-growing popularity. Many customers see these products as being among the most important innovations in the area of switchgear construction in recent years. The welded connections of the grounding braids ensure durable ground connections with minimum impedance.


Together with copper bars, a full range of support insulators and the many possible combinations of different bus bar supports permit the creation of bus bar systems for any type of switch cabinet. The copper bars combine the benefits of copper, offering an attractively priced alternative to expensive copper bars.


The program is rounded off by a range of tools and useful accessories. HEDLA standard products comply with the relevant international standards and are subject to constant quality control.


HEDLA standard products are part and parcel of quality switchgear production – developed in the heart of Europe for the world market.

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